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Neelcon Steel offer a wide selection of IBR Buttweld Fittings Stockist Mumbai (Maharashtra) India. Neelcon Steel Wholesale Various High Quality IBR Buttweld Fittings in all shapes and sizes and with any specifications that the clients, More then 1500 Clients in India, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, Pakistan, Spain, France, Brazil, Vietnam, Netherlands, Japan, Philippines, Kuwait, Poland, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Colombia, Argentina, Nigeria, Finland, Ireland, South Africa, Russia, Bangladesh, Israel, Hong Kong, Chile, Algeria, Romania

IBR Buttweld Fittings

Neelcon Steel Suppliers of IBR Buttweld fittings upto 48"NB and upto schedule XXS. Neelcon Steel Suppliers IBR Buttweld Fittings in IBR Elbow 45 deg & IBR Elbow 90 degree, IBR Equal Tee, IBR Unequal Tee & IBR Barred Tee, IBR Eccentric Reducer & IBR Concentric Reducer, IBR End Cap, IBR Return Bend and IBR Pipe Nipple. Neelcon Steel Suppliers IBR Buttweld Fittings in Carbon Steel ASTM A234 WPB, Alloy Steel ASTM A234 WP1, Alloy Steel ASTM A234 WP5, Alloy Steel ASTM A234 WP9, Alloy Steel ASTM A234 WP11, Alloy Steel ASTM A234 WP12, Alloy Steel ASTM A234 WP22, Alloy Steel A234 WP91, Stainless Steel ASTM A403 304, Stainless Steel ASTM A403 304L, Stainless Steel ASTM A403 304H, Stainless Steel ASTM A403 316, Stainless Steel ASTM A403 316L and Stainless Steel ASTM A403 316H. Adfit provides IBR Test Certificate Form III C with all IBR Elbow.

We are renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Carbon Steel, Alloys Steel and Stainless Steel IBR Tees.


  • Size: 1/2" NB to 48” NB
  • Schedule: Sch 10, 20, 30, 40, STD, 60, 80, XS, 100, 120, 140, 160 XXS.
  • Types: Equal Tee / Unequal Tee


  • Stainless Steel – ASTM A403 TP 304 / 304L / 316 / 16L
  • Carbon Steel – ASTM A234 WPB
  • Alloy Steel – ASTM A234 Gr. WP1, WP5, WP9, WP11, WP12, WP22, WP91

IBR Buttweld Fittings

IBR Buttweld Fittings
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Neelcon Steel Wholesale Various High Quality IBR Buttweld Fittings in all shapes and sizes and with any specifications that the clients, More then 1500 Worldwide.